MindiWorld Membership Policies

We try to keep the fan club as informal as possible, but have found that some policies need to be clarified. We hope these suggestions will be of benefit to the members. These policies may not cover all aspects of membership and are subject to change as needed. MindiWorld is open to reasonable suggestions that are intended to improve and to enhance the member's access to Mindi's World.

1. Fan Club lanyards are needed to gain entrance to the Meet and Greets at Mindi's performances. Almost all of the venues require each person to show their lanyards before access is granted to the Meet and Greet. Please remember to bring your lanyard to the Meet and Greet (if you have signed up for it) or access will be denied. This is a policy enforced by the venues, not the fan club.

2. A couples membership allows for an extra lanyard and website access for spouse, significant other or partner. A family membership allows for 3 extra lanyards and website access for family members of the original member. Each name must be given to the Membership Director of the fan club before the lanyards are mailed to the original member. The family member's or extra lanyard name(s) can only be changed at the time of the originating member's renewal. Expiration stickers will be sent to the original member once the membership and/or extra lanyard fees are paid. The old stickers are to be removed from the lanyard and the new stickers placed in the same spot on the lanyard. Expiration stickers, not new lanyards, will be sent to the original members, so please do not throw your lanyards away.

3. The originating member must notify the fan club staff if they or their additional couple or family members lose their lanyard and a replacement fee of $5.00 will be charged before a new one is issued to the original member. The new lanyard will state that it is a replacement and this shall be so noted in the fan club database.

4. A current membership list will be used to check the lanyards shown at the Meet and Greets to assure the membership/lanyard is current.

5. Memberships are good for one year. They may be renewed online at MindiWorld.net.

6. All extra lanyards expire when the original member's membership expires and shall only be renewed when the renewing original member pays the annual couples or family membership lanyard fees.

7. Please advise the staff if your email, address or phone number change before the next renewal date (one year later). The email address is used to remind the original member when membership is about to expire. (Notifications to the extra couples/family members are not sent).

8. Meet-and-Greets

a. To request a meet-and-greet with Mindi at one of her shows, simply select the "REQUEST A MEET-AND-GREET" button at the top of the main website page - or in the footer of every page. (Please note that your membership must be active at the time you make the request and the date of the meet-and-greet.) Select the date, location (and time, if there are multiple performances on a single day). Add your name, contact information and the names of all other members who will be attending and press "SUBMIT". You will receive a confirmation email with your request.

b. You may be asked if you would be willing to serve as a volunteer host for the meet-and-greet. The responsibilites of the host include communicating with the tour manager regarding the logistics of the meet-and-greet and passing that information along to other members who may be attending. If you agree to perform as a host, you will be supplied the contact information of the tour manager and the other members attending.

c. Please contact the President of the fan club 2 days prior to the performance for the name of the host - or the contact information if you will be the host. Mindi's meet-and-greets are usually held 30 minutes prior to her performance, but this will be confirmed to you on the day of the performance.

d. On the day of the performance, the designated host of the meet-and-greet will confirm the meeting information with Mindi's tour manager, and then give instruction to the attending members for the time and meeting place of the meet-and-greet.

9. New member packets are mailed only to new "original" members and not to the renewing members. Should the membership expire and be renewed at a much later date, the membership is still considered to be a renewal.

10. MindiWorld is a non-profit organization and the staff consists of volunteers. However, because of the cost of office supplies, postage and administrative costs, the fan club does charge for membership and is subject to change as needed.

11. Access to the MindiWorld website is for all members - individual, couples and family. You may request unique usernames and passwords for all individuals on your membership. However beyond those, please do not share your password with anyone. Should you have difficulty signing on the MindiWorld.net, please contact the Webmaster for Access Administration.

Thank you for your support, and we hope your membership is a pleasant experience.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thank you so much for your love and support,

Mindi Abair